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I remember as a child trying to find out how my goldfish died. So I quickly dissected it and was amazed at all the intricacies of a goldfish. I think that is truly when my love for taxidermy began. However, I graduated from high school, went to college, and after graduating I taught high school science for 4 years. I realized early that teaching was not for me. I began to search for something else to do. I had the good fortune of meeting Ted Ravenel who is a phenomenal taxidermist. He hired me for 2 years and taught me the gutting, skinning, and fleshing side of taxidermy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and before I knew it I was enrolled in a full time taxidermy school in Cave Creek, Arizona called Mountain Valley School of Taxidermy – Harry Paulson was the director, and there I learned the ABC’s of taxidermy.

In 1989 I opened Feather, Fin, and Fur Taxidermy Studio and the rest is history. In 1992 I opened Red Barn Deer Processing and have made it our mission to have constant and never ending improvement each year in both endeavors.

In 2010 a second location in Social Circle was opened, where we do both taxidermy and deer processing as well. We have 15 employees during deer season. We pride ourselves on the quality of both businesses and would consider it an honor to take care of your taxidermy and meat processing needs.

As I have said, I absolutely love what I do for a living as animals are the passion of my life.

Beth Johnson

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